5 Industries That Are Cleverly Using Tiktok.

TikTok, known in China as Douyin, is a video-sharing social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance. The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from 15 seconds to one minute.

Just as with other social media platforms, we have seen an emergence of creative Tiktok users who understand that their clients too are users of the platform & have doubled down on creating content that their prospects can connect to. Some of the industries that have largely employed Tiktok to their advantage include;

  • Real Estate.

Property agents are now using short property videos to give tours of listed properties. A property video that would normally take a huge team has now been replaced by a one minute video that is easily & quickly stitched on a mobile phone.

  • Automotive.

Car lovers are now easily given tours of car features & interiors in a minute or less. Interested parties can then DM the creator that has posted the video if they are interested.

  • Fashion.

The sneakers & fabric/ clothes world is a major player in this space too. A simple video showing the shoes & /or a lady cat walking in a fashionable manner is now a determinant of whether a potential client will DM [ Direct message ] with that very important question that every seller is always looking forward to. How much?

  • Education.

For the longest time, Youtube has been the platform for tutorials. Tiktok has however become a major competitor especially now when the attention span of most social users is minimal. The one minute mark works best for content consumers as this forces the creator to ‘get to the point’ faster.

  • Beauty & cosmetics.

Makeup & cosmetics brand are too not left behind. Through Tiktok, they are able to easily show the products, show demos of how the product work etc. Makeup tutorial creators are too not left behind.

The huge success for Tiktok is largely attributed to the vertical, short videos as this in itself is a familiar format & does not require users to switch screens ‘for better view’

What other industries do you suppose have been disrupted by Tiktok?

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