” Going International” Is Not Reserved For Creatives Only – YY Comedian

There are more than 7.9 billion people in the world today. Some with high disposable income and are willing to spend it on products, services and resources that add value to their lives. However to access this markets, a carefully structured and curated strategy in needed.

Social media has made it easy for consumers to engage directly with brands they consume & in as much as this is a good thing, it has also cultivated a culture of trolling. The comfort that comes with typing away your thoughts while expressing your feelings has seen more brands be recipients of unfiltered opinions that are sometimes uncalled for. Personal brands, e.g celebrities have been the most hit with this phenomenon.

A common statement that they have to deal with is ‘ When will you aim higher and go international ?’

The creative industry, just like any other industry needs intentional structures and systems to go international. Yes, an artist might have a fluke moment & have their songs and content in general played &/ or consumed in markets other than their own, but to draw maximum value requires market research, consumer development , partnerships with local distributors and many other factors that might need time & resources a creative just isn’t willing invest in, yet.

Just like a business built for the Kenyan market, creatives too have the right to decide what market they want to address. This was recently echoed by a Kenyan creator. YY Comedian.

Oliver Otieno, also known as YY Comedian, through his instagram came out to address the fans that do this. Through a post he wrote ;

This goes to fans…Have you gone international in your business?because there are people doing what you are doing internationally too😂😂…The international market is not only for Artists

Do you agree with YY Comedian on this?

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