How Digital Media Killed The Creatives Talent Booking Industry.

Besides talent managers who shape their clients’ careers both in a day-to-day and long-term sense at a typically the rate of between 15-20%. Other key players in the creative industry have always been the talent booking agents who charged an average of of 10-20% commission. In the recent past, however, all this has changed. A change that is largely attributed digital & social media. Talent is more accessible.

With the shove & pull that has always left creatives feeling like everyone but them in the industry is making money, social & digital media has helped eliminate the ‘middle man’ & as a result more & more talent booking agents are missing out on the cake.

This however does not mean that things have automatically gotten better for creators. It just means that they now have to directly deal with clients. This in itself is a challenge as it takes away from the ‘celebrity’ which is often the biggest selling point for most creators. Lack of solid business acumen is also a big contributor to most creators getting the lower bargain of most brand deals.

A smart move would then arguably be to ensure that as a creator, you work with a team that understands brand deals whilst being at the center of it so you don’t get short changed.

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